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June 14, 2024
How to Clean a Shower Head in 4 Easy Steps

Did your shower this morning only deliver a trickle of water? Or did it not provide consistent water pressure as usual? That’s likely something to do with the shower head!

Another reason you’re having issues with the shower’s top part can also be because your shower head blocked its openings due to the mineral deposits – hence, you need to remove them. And, you might deal with something even more serious if you live in an area with hard water or you use well water. 

While you may think it’s not a big deal, cleaning a shower head will ensure better water flow and efficiency. 

Moreover, understanding how to clean a shower head will take care of your well-being. It is simply because wet environments are where bacterias grow, which is like your shower head!

So, resolving a blocked shower head problem is not just about functionality, but also hygiene.

Today, we will provide tips on how to clean shower heads. Hopefully, you can use this guide to maintain optimal water pressure and cut down on the need for frequent bathroom repairs.

Things You Need For Cleaning Shower Head

One of the tools a professional plumber in Melbourne recommends you to use is a shower filter, as it can help reduce mineral deposits and contaminants. 

As mentioned earlier, when your shower head becomes blocked, it can easily turn out to be breeding ground for bacteria – even causing a shower mould

When this happens, the water quality will surely be affected.

Apart from a shower filter, below are some other tools you need: 

How to Clean a Shower Head with Vinegar


We mentioned using vinegar, but you’re probably wondering about how to clean a shower head without vinegar. 

Worry not, we will also cover the non-vinegar methods – which you can substitute with lemon juice.

So, whether you want to keep your shower head free from blockages or you no longer want to deal with shower whistles, try to follow these steps!

1. Look at your shower head closely

Try turning the water on and off, then see for yourself which holes are not working the most. 

After that, you will be able to tell how you should clean it and make a comparison for the before-after results. 

2. Mix the baking soda and vinegar

Since you’ll be using baking soda and vinegar – which will create a fizzy reaction once you mix them – we highly advise you to be in a well-ventilated room.

Now, grab a jug and place a large plastic bag inside it – make sure to keep the bag’s mouth wide open. 

Next, pour in half a cup of baking soda and carefully add 3 to 4 cups of vinegar. This is what we meant by the fizzy reaction – which, you’ll start to see foam and bubbles. 

Make sure to pour the vinegar slowly to prevent it from spilling. And last, add one cup of water to dilute the cleaning mixture. 

3. Dip the shower head in the bag

The cleaning solution is ready and now dip your shower head in the bag. 

Make sure it faces downwards, so it covers the entire holes. 

Then, grab a rubber band to tie up the bag.

Once you are sure that it won’t leak, leave the shower head soak in the mixture overnight for the most optimal results.

4. Dry out and clean the shower head

The first thing to do on the next day is remove the bag and take out your shower head.

Are the clogs opened? 

You can check by turning it on and off again. If the water pressure is back to normal, then this baking soda and vinegar combo cleaning method works!

Non-Vinegar Ways: How to Clean Your Shower Head


Here’s an alternative to clean your shower head – lemons! 

WIth the acidic content found in lemons, it can help dissolve mineral deposits.

Now, don’t throw out your baking soda just yet as you’ll need to mix it together with the lemon. Here’s how:

1. Create the mixture and prepare an unused toothbrush

Use a small cup or a bowl and start mixing up a few tablespoons of baking soda with a squirt of lemon juice.

The combo will form a paste, and this is when you need the toothbrush. 

Start scrubbing the shower head with the paste-dipped toothbrush.

2. Use hot water

While you’re scrubbing the shower head, simply do it with the hot water run through. 

For a more thorough cleaning, you can take the shower head apart, and scrub both the ins and outs of the fixture. 

3. Rinse well

After the two steps are done, rinse your shower head. 

Assemble everything back if you decide to take the shower head apart – and you’re done!

Please let us know in the comments which way gives you a clean shower head!

Tips to Keep Your Shower Head Clean


After learning how to unblock your shower head, it’s equally important to know how to maintain its cleanliness. 

Proper maintenance that includes a consistent cleaning schedule will ensure that your shower head stays free from blockages and maintains optimal water flow.

It’s a good idea to set a regular reminder on your phone to clean the shower head. 

Here are some essential tips for cleaning your shower head, unblocking it, and keeping it in top condition: 

Key Takeaways

With all the tips we covered above, we hope you’ll know what to do the moment you wonder why your shower head isn’t giving that powerful spray anymore! 

Need more help? If your shower head remains blocked despite your efforts, a trusted plumber like Neighbourhood Plumbing Melbourne can help ensure you have a totally working shower head!

Please contact our friendly team today at 0488 885 122.

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