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CCTV Inspections

If you are struggling with blocked drains frequently, even after availing repair services, the chances are that the problems lie deep inside the pipes. To treat a blocked drain permanently and to ensure that the problem is sorted to the core, it is important to look further in the drain and find pit the exact cause. CCTV Inspections give a clear insight into the drains, which helps professionals treat the problem.

At Neighbourhood Plumbing, we find any bad connection, poor section, collapsed section of the piping as well as any other potential problem that can allow access to debris inside the drain and thus cause a blockage.

Our expert CCTV technicians use advanced CCTV equipment to look into the pipes and find the cause of blockage quickly and more efficiently.

Our CCTV Drain Inspection process

CCTV inspection demands skills and precision. At Neighbourhood Plumbing, we follow a set protocol while inspecting drains to ensure that no factors are missed out during the process.

Initial Phase:

This is where we find an access point inside the drain and start inserting the CCTV camera. The camera is usually connected to a more flexible pipe or a wheeled crawler unit.

Inspection Phase:

The camera starts sending the inside pictures to the drain technician who reads them on the monitor and assesses for any potential reason for the blockage.

Reporting Phase:

Once the reasons are identified, the professionals compile a report stating the list of factors that are causing the problem.

When should you hire a professional CCTV Inspection Company?

There are a number of times when you need professional help for plumbing related issues. At Neighbourhood Plumbing, we suggest hiring a CCTV Inspection specialist to:

  • Treat a blocked drain
  • Check a prospective property’s draining system
  • Treat an emergency drain problem

Hire professional and trust-worthy CCTV services in Melbourne at Neighbourhood Plumbing and get a permanent solution for reoccurring blocked drains.

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