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Jet Blasting

Blocked drains have always been a nuisance for property owners. While clearing blocked drains is often possible with simple measures, at times the stubborn blockages demands extra efforts for complete removal. This is where jet blasting services come into play.

Our drains are exposed to all types of alien elements including dirt, grime, residues from kitchen and bathroom and more. These elements, over time, can accumulate and cause a blockage that cannot be cleared with simple drain cleaning methods. Expert plumbers at Neighbourhood plumbing administer jet blasting service to clear such blockage and restore the normal flow of your drains.

Jet blasting services; what the experts do?

Jet blasting is a premium service in which a high pressured water stream is produced using hi-tech equipment and targeted on the drains and the impurities inside them. The pressured stream forces any blockage out of the drains, making them clean and free-flowing. The water level is controlled by professional plumbers as per the target surface and levels of abrasiveness.

At Neighbourhood Plumbing, we have offered jet blasting services to the residents of Melbourne. We clear the drains, collect the waste, transport the waste and offer complete recovery.

Why choose Neighbourhood Plumbing for Jet Blasting services?

Neighbourhood Plumbing is the right place to contact when you need high-quality and dependable Jet blasting services. We have a range of jet blasting equipment that allows us to clean all shapes and sizes of drains. We perform jet blasting job that offers results in a time-efficient manner and saves your resources. We are a team of trained and skilled plumbers of who have years of experience in offering plumbing services including Jet Blasting.

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